Name : Dr. Sankaramanchi Rama Krishna Sastry.

Designation : Vedic Astronomer, Astrologer and Purohit.

Profession : Astrology and Purohitam .

Education :

Vedic Yaju Smartham , M.A. Astrology, M.A.Sanskrit, M.A.Telugu. Ph.D in Astrology,With Three Gold medals in Astrology.


• 1st Gold medal: Awarded for securing highest aggregate marks in II Year Third Paper (Astakavargu – shadbalalu) M.A.Astrology. Presented by Governor (chancellor) Rameshwar Thakoor in Telugu university Tenth convocation on 26-2-2007 in Ravindrabharathi, Hyderabad.

• 2nd Gold medal: Awarded for getting First class Marks in M.A.Astrology.Presented by jyothirvasthu vignana samstha president prof.C.V.B.Subrahmanyam on year 2009.

• 3rd Gold medal: Awarded for producing best thesis in Astrology Ph.D (Topic: Unnathapadavi- Rajayogam). Presented by vice chancellor Anumandla Bhoomaiah in Telugu university Twelfth convocation on 28-7-2011 in Ravindrabharathi, Hyderabad.

Honorary Titles :

Daivagna Ratna, Daivagna Siromani, Purohitha Sarvabhouma, Swarna Kankana Sanmanitha, Saraswathi Putra, Vidya vachaspathi, Jyothisha Sarvabhouma, Jyothisha Marthanda, Uttama Panchanga Kartha.

Awards :

• Three Times State government award Ugadi Panditha Puraskaram by C.M. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu in 1999, 2000, 2001.

• Vidya vachaspathi Award Presented by Ex-Assembly speaker D.Sreepaada Rao on 8-7-1998.

• Panditha puraskaram Award by Central Government minister Dr.T.Subbi Rami Reddy on the occasion of his 60th birthday function.

• Kaumudi Prathibha Puraskaaram by Ramana Chari I.A.S. On 11-2-2010.

• Swarna Simhatalata Kankanam presented by Dr.Madugula Naga Phani Sarma ,Avadhana Saraswathi Peetham on 6-4-2000.

• Saraswathi Putra Award Presented by State government Minister T.Seetharam and Murali Mohan (MAA President).

• Vedic Certificate “Jaya Patrika” Presented by Vedic School Shankara Vidyalayam Bapatla on 3-12-2006.

Experience :

Vedic Experience :

29 years in Purohitham (From1985 Onwards).

Expertise :

In Performing vedic poojas, Japams, Homas, Marriages, Upanayanams, Grihapravesams, Temple Prathistas and all Auspicious Functions (No pithru Karyas ).

Astrology Experience:

22 years of experience in giving scientific analysis of horoscope (From1993 Onwards).

Expertise :

Expertise in Predicting the Marriage Time, Profession, Health, Financial Status, abroad Chances, Higher Education Marriage Compatibility, and suggesting Muhurthas for Marriage, upanayana , gruhapravesha and expertise in giving strong vedic remedies for above results.

Vedic Astronomy Experience:

17 years as Vedic Astronomer (calculating Celestia Sphere/Almanac Calculations From 1999 Onwards).

Expertise :

Expertise in calculating all mathematical calculations of Pachangam and Calendar and also expertise in calculating mathematical calculations of solar and lunar eclipse, sunrise – sunset, and also in calculating planetary positions for a required particular year.

Works :

• He has been providing valuable solutions and advice to the callers in ETV-2 raasi chakram program (every alternate Sunday’s morning 8-30 AM) from past 3 years which had nearly 80 lakh viewers point. He had appeared in various T.V channel programmes and featured as celebrity astrologer.

• He has authored many lessons for the M.A.Vedic Astrology course in Osmania University and also for Certificate course and Diploma course in astrology in Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.

• Currently working as a guest faculty for M.A.astrology (distance education) course in both osmania and telugu universities.

• Written Pachanga’s for several temples in U.S.A.

• Appointed as AASTHANA PUROTHITA in Avadhana Saraswathi Peetham by Dr.Madugula Naga Phani Sarma on 7-10-2000.

• Calculated Calendar for SBH bank for 10 years from 2000 to 2010.

• Had performed many recordings of Veda Patanam in All India Radio for past few years.

• He has sung many Devotional audio C.D’s which are presented by Aditya Music in which some of them had celebrated their platinum disc functions.

  • Best Award in Astrology
  • Best Award in Astrology
  • Best Award in Astrology
  • Best Award in Astrology